A Super-Sized Cheat Day

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February 3rd, 2007

This past Sunday was like no other. People all across the country and even the world sat down, watched football and ate all sorts of junk food. Are you feeling guilty that you ate too much? Well you really shouldn't be. Lets be honest, eating healthy can get pretty boring sometimes.

There's only so much whole wheat bread and tomatoes you can eat until you get bored. What happened to the days when you could eat all the cookies in the world and not worry about getting fat? I think that you should still have those days. When you're on a diet or even just trying to eat healthy, its OK to set aside 1 day per week and not worry about how much sugar, salt or fat you're eating.

Don't use this as an excuse to pig out and eat everything you want, but if you normally don't have any sweets, indulge yourself once per week. Remember that a good diet should be healthy and tasty.