Gym Rules

October 21, 2007

If you don't really workout at a gym, chances are you don't know the main rules to follow. Knowing proper gym etiquette can make everyone's experience a lot better. First, always wear athletic shoes. Never go workout in flip flops, sandals, or any form of open toed shoes.

At the very least you'll get kicked out and at the worst you can hurt yourself. Next, bring a towel. There's few things worse than getting on a machine that is wet with sweat. Wipe the machine down if you left any perspiration on it. Lastly, let others work in with you.

If you're on a machine and someone asks how many sets you have left, invite them to work in with you. Obviously this is not a complete list. Whenever you join a gym, read the rules, follow them ask for clarification if you need it.

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