Fake Healthy Food

April 4, 2008

In the past few years, faced with declining profits and changing trends, fast food restaurants have started to introduce "healthy" food options. Instead of choosing soda as a drink, you can substitute it with milk, juice or bottled water.

Instead of french fries you can get a salad, carrots or baked potatoes. While these options are better than the alternative, some of them are still not very healthy. Do not be fooled by marketing techniques. Most juices have just as many grams of sugar as sodas do and have very little in the way of vitamins and minerals. Getting a salad comes with salad dressing which can increase the calorie count to be up there with fries.

Most salads are also filled with iceberg lettuce that while low in calories has very little nutrients. New additions to the menu can also have you feeling like fast food is becoming healthy. Wraps are the new thing now. Wraps probably contain fewer calories than a bun but if you stuff them with cheese and bacon, they are not healthy at all. So if you are going to eat these "healthier" options, enjoy them but do not think for a second that you are being healthy.