It's Time to Lose that Winter Weight

April 27, 2008

With summer approaching quickly, more of you will be in the gym doing sit ups and crunches to try and lose inches off your waists. Getting into your favorite bathing suit can be hard after months of cold weather in which you stayed inside, didn't exercise and ate a lot of unhealthy food. But this isn't about lecturing, it's about getting results.

If you're looking to get rid of your tummy weight, the worst thing you can do is waste time with sit ups and crunches. The reason your stomach is so big is due to stored fat. When you eat too much and exercise too little, your body will store the food you don't burn off, usually in the stomach and the leg area.

To get rid of all this stored energy, you need to burn a lot of calories. When you do crunches, you aren't using a lot of energy. To burn the fat you need to do high intensity activities: running, biking, playing sports, raking leaves or anything that gets your heart pumping. Read more about how to lose inches off your waist.