A Routine for your Abs

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January 27th, 2008

January is almost over and even though I live in Florida, I'm defiantly looking forward to the spring when I can go to the beach and the pool. With the spring comes the need for people to start working on their midsection. You know the people, kind of overweight, doing 100s of sit ups, leg raises and crunches.

Getting a nice set of abs seems like a mystery to a lot of people but its really pretty simple. Almost everyone has abs, especially the people who are doing 100s of sit ups everyday. The problem isn't building the abdominal muscles, its getting rid of the layer of fat that sits on top of them. For this, the only thing you can do is cardio: running, biking, swimming or anything that gets your heart beating.

Since we can't pick what part of our body the fat comes off of, the only thing we can do is lose weight all around. Instead of doing all those crunches, hop onto a treadmill. It'll go a lot farther in getting you to the point you want to be than any number of sit ups.