Be Proportional

April 15, 2008

You know what they say, "men's workouts are from Mars and women's workouts are from Venus." I always found it interesting that men were from a laid back, cold and quiet planet while women were from a poisonous, hot and angry one, they said it, not me.

But why is it that men always seem to focus on upper body: chest, back and arms while women seem to only work on their legs? Is it because women are afraid of turning into Arnold and men are content with wearing long pants everywhere?

I don't really have any explanations but I can tell you whether you're Adam or Eve, if you aren't proportional, you look silly. You've seen the guy with the huge chest and skinny legs or the woman that looks like she's never picked up a dumbbell, they both look weird.

When you workout, it's important that you give all areas of your body equal, but proportional attention. You shouldn't work your biceps more than your quadriceps because your quads are a lot bigger. And ladies, you shouldn't work your glutes more than your back, they're the same size so they deserve the same respect.

Being proportional isn't all about looking good. You're only as strong as your weakest point so having skinny legs will do you no good. Men, think about this the next time you have a killer arm workout but skip squats while you ladies should think about this when you lounge right past the arm machines. You can read more about guidelines for resistance training to see how to workout all the muscles in your body.