Pass the Salt Please

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May 10, 2008

I know that sodium is the enemy. It causes hypertension which could lead to a more serious form of cardiovascular disease if left unchecked. But there are some times in which it is OK to add some extra salt to your meals.

Most of the sodium that we get in this country comes from salt that has been added into our food before it reaches our home. Because of our addiction to processed foods, our sodium intake is way too high. When a food is processed, a company does all the cooking for you in some giant factory.

If they shipped it to your house fresh, it would be healthy, but it would also get spoiled by the time it reached you. To prevent this, a huge amount of sodium is added to all processed foods (frozen, canned, helper meals). If you cook your own food, adding some salt won't hurt you. It adds taste and by extension makes you happy.

If you use fresh ingredients and make food yourself, the sodium content of your food will be very low giving you some leeway to add some salt, but don't go overboard.