Does your diet make you happy?

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May 30, 2008

Switching to healthier foods will lead a lot of good things: decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. These benefits are real and measurable. But don't you feel like there's something missing when your main meals are salads and rice crackers?

Sometimes you just need to bite into a big steak and have some mashed potatoes on the side. There's a reason why they call it soul food, it makes you happy. When you're talking about overall health, you need to take into account physical as well as mental well being. You can't have mental well being without finding your meals tasty.

Food is a major part of our lives and we should be allowed to enjoy it. There are some who think food is for survival only, not to be enjoyed like cars for the guys or clothes for the girls. Food is part of our culture and makes up who we are. You should defiantly enjoy what you eat, even if once in a while it's something unhealthy.

So how can you sneak in bits of unhealthy food and still get a clean medical file? In bits and pieces. Have your steak and mashed potatoes but make sure you also have some healthy food on the side like a salad or rice cracker (I'm just kidding about the rice cracker).

Getting an abundance of healthy foods into your diet will allow you to better absorb the impact that bad foods would otherwise have on their own. Do you disagree and think that food should be a neutral part of our lives, much like the air we breathe?