Small Steps to a Big Meal

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June 9th, 2008

The other day I was driving out of a grocery store plaza which took me right past a McDonald's. I have nothing against the fast food industry. In my opinion, they make good food that can be enjoyed occasionally. It can definitely be argued that as a nation, we're using way too much of their products, but I don't think they should go away or be sued out of existence.

So it was lunch time, and as expected, there were a lot of people getting food. The only problem with what I saw was that the majority of people were using the drive through. There were so many cars that they were actually blocking part of the exit. I can understand that not having to get out of your car is a lot easier.

You drive up, ask for your food and leave. Instead of fidgeting and awkwardly avoiding eye contact with others in line, you can sit in your air conditioned car and listen to your favorite radio station. But isn't there a point that you see all the cars and think to yourself, "hmmm I should probably go inside."

Again, I have nothing against fast food, even though most meals will go over 1,000 calories. Since most people know how bad fast food is, why would they sit in their cars and wait for it? Haven't they seen the government campaign called small steps (

Basically, small steps (not necessarily literal steps) taken throughout the day can lead to big changes. If people would walk into the restaurant instead of sitting their cars, they'd walk a few steps which isn't a big deal, but better than not doing any at all. They'd also save time because 90% of the population is lazy and doesn't want to get out of the car. Finally, with gas prices so high, why would you let your engine run while you sit and wait for your food.

The Toyota Prius gets around 50 miles per gallon. You know how many miles per gallon you get while you wait for your food with your engine idling? Zero mpg (or 0 mpg incase you needed a visual). So with all these benefits, next time you're buying unhealthy food (which is perfectly fine once in awhile) remember to take a few small steps. Share what small steps your take throughout the day at the diet and exercise forums.