Gas and Exercise

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June 15th, 2008

Back before cars were invented, we walked around a lot which meant we weren't fat and didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas each month. People back then didn't walk for exercise, they walked because it was one of the only modes of transportation available to them. Today, instead of powering our own way around town, we drive everywhere. Then when we get home, we walk, run or bike, not to get somewhere, but to be healthy.

Today we're fatter than we ever were and spend more money on energy than we ever have. What's the solution to both of these problems? There is no easy answer but there is a small step you can take to start making a difference. With gas prices hitting new records each day, you don't really need any more incentives to cut back on driving.

Unfortunately, in today's world, you can't just give up your car. Some trips are way too long to walk or bike, and a lot us live in areas with no public transportation. For short trips to the gym or to the store, (to buy a few items) walking or biking is a good alternative to driving.

Walking or biking a few miles can replace the need to exercise for the most part which means that while you're doing errands, you'll also be saving time because you won't have to take a separate trip just to exercise. To see just how much money you can save, check out he Gas Saving Calculator which will estimate how much gas and money you waste on short trips.

What are your plans to deal with high gas prices? Are you going to start walking or biking those short trips to save a bit of gas? If you want to voice your opinion, head over the the health poll of the week: gas and your lifestyle. You can vote and discuss without registering. Simply enter your name and vote away.