Who's to blame?

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June 23rd, 2008

Our children have been getting fatter and fatter over the past few decades. The CDC now states that about 1 in 5 kids are overweight. This is up from 1 in 20 back in the 60's. So why is this a problem? Some kids are heavier than others, right? Yes, but when you're talking about a kid being overweight, it's well past the point of being healthily bigger than his peers.

As kids get heavier, they start to increase their risk for a number of health issues. Type 2 diabetes used to be reserved only for overweight and obese adults. Now that kids are getting bigger, type 2 diabetes is no longer referred to as adult onset. In some extreme cases, children who are overweight could also develop cardiovascular disease and suffer a stroke much earlier in life than seen in the past.

Since we live in a society that always blames somebody for every problem, who is to blame for this one? Is it the schools? In an attempt to save money, some schools got rid of PE classes which decreased the amount of physical activity kids participated in. Is it the companies' fault? Producers of soft drinks usually pay school districts to let them sell junk food in vending machine during school hours.

And finally is it the parents' fault? Sometimes children play hours of video games and eat tons of junk without any intervention from mom and dad. There's probably enough blame for everyone and incase you want to voice your opinion, you can do so at the Childhood Obesity thread in the forums. If you don't feel like registering, you don't have to. Guests are welcome to vote and post on who's to blame.