Free Gas

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June 29th, 2008

In my area, a gallon of cheap gas is $4.11 - about the national average which means that people in other places are paying a whole lot more. Back when gas was cheap, I was proud that my tank could hold 18 gallons. Now that I have to fill up those 18 gallons every week, I wish I would've bought a smaller car or even a go kart.

Like you, I'm trying to save gas anyway I can. I've been driving a lot slower, I don't accelerate towards a red light anymore and I try to pick out the shortest route possible. These changes have increased my gas mileage by 16%. Even with all that, gas prices are still affecting my budget. So like the title says, I'm giving away some free $5 gas cards.

It's not a lot but every little helps. So by now you're probably asking yourself about the catch (because there always seems to be one). Twice a month, I'll be giving away either a $5 Chevron gas card or a $5 Amazon gift certificate (your choice).

Here's what you have to do: visit the health poll of the week, register for a username, vote in the weekly poll and add a meaningful thought to the discussion. Every second and fourth week of the month, I'll choose the person who made the best post from the previous two topics.

If you need any more details, read a complete FAQ about the free gas giveaway and I wish everyone the best of luck!