Why Oprah's Weight Gain Matters

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December 15th, 2008

It's all over the news, as if we didn't have anything important going on in our country: Oprah has gained some weight. If they think that this is newsworthy, why aren't they talking about why it actually matters? It seems that they're only trying to rub it in her face, haha you're fat. Does it really matter that Oprah is gaining all this weight? Yes, but not because she's a celebrity and we like to see celebrities fail.

The reason why this is important is because we have to realize that they're just like us. They don't know more about losing weight or staying healthy than we do. A lot of us look up to celebrities and wonder what they do to get those bodies. The truth is that they don't even know how to get their own bodies. They just happen to be rich enough to hire people that have this kind of knowledge.

Oprah gaining weight (again) should show us that we don't need to go out and start using their exercise routines or diets, we don't need to buy their books or exercise equipment. The real reason that famous people look to be in shape and healthy (looks can be deceiving) is because of their money. They hire the best personal trainers and dietitians who plan their entire workout schedule and nutrition plan. Every calorie is counted (by someone else) and their trainer pushes them to complete each repetition of each set. If you had this kind of help, you'd look amazing too.

Oprah isn't even the worst offender. You can argue that she's been busy lately and hasn't had time to diet properly or exercise as much as she should. Usually, celebrities are only in shape when they need to be. When they're working on a movie, on the front page of a magazine or doing a lot of interviews. It's when you don't see them that they probably look like the rest of us.

Oprah gaining weight means that you shouldn't listen to her advise about losing it. She has a whole section of her web site devoted to weight loss and others for nutrition and exercise. If she knew everything she claims to, why is she gaining all of this unwanted weight? The only way to lose weight is through exercise and diet.

There's no secret, magic celebrity diet or quick exercise plan that will do all the work for you. It's hard but pretty simple. Stop wasting your money on pills that are endorsed by a famous face or a trainer that works with the stars. Stick to the fundamentals and you'll be fine.